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Products   -   Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine   -   100 - 600mm Width Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
This cable tray roll forming machine can automatically produce cable trays according to client requirements.
Cable Tray Roll Forming Equipment Technical Parameter
Raw Material Cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel
Yield Strength (MPa) 235
Thickness (mm) 1.0-2.0
Plate Length (m) 3
Coil ID (mm) Φ508±20
Coil OD (mm) ≤ Φ1100
Coil Weight (ton) ≤ 5
Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Component List
Decoiler 1 set
Leveling device 1 set
Punching and cutting device 1 set
Rollgang 1 set
Roll former 1 set
Runout table 1 set
Hydraulic station 1 set
Electric control system 1 set
Control panel system 1 set
Cable Tray Roll Forming Equipment Working Flow
Decoiling → levelling → punching → cutting → roll forming → conveying plate to runout table
Component Description and Parameter
1. Automatic decoiler
Automatically decoil sheets driven by electric motor. It is designed with braking system and press arm.
2. Leveling device
5 leveling rolls and 1 pair of feeding rolls
3. Punching and cutting device
Punching speed: about 30times/minute
Mould material: Japan DC53 (HRC62-63)
Cutter Material: Cr12MoV (HRC60 – 62)
4. Conveyor
Conveyor is suitable for 3-meter cable tray. It can automatically guide materials.
5. Guide device
The width can be adjusted manually. The sheet is guided to the correct position and moves to the roll former.
6. Roll former (automatic cantilever type)
Driven by gear, dual cantilever roll former adjusts plate width and height quickly. One group of rollers can roll form all kinds of cable trays as per client’s profile drawing. Material of roller: Cr12.
7. Runout table
It consists of structural steel and chrome plate roller carrier to support the 3-meter-long plate.
8. Hydraulic station
Electromagnetic valve: ATOS (Italian brand)
9. Electric control system
No. Electrical Accessory Brand
1 Industry PLC Japan MITSUBISHI
2 Frequency converter Taiwan Delta
3 Encoder Japan Omron
Control Panel System
It can automatically work and stop in emergency conditions.

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