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Products   -   Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine   -   100 - 900mm Width Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
This cable tray roll forming machine automatically adjusts to produce cable trays according to client requirements. Our cable tray roll forming line is controlled by PLC and works fully automatically. It automatically records the quantity and measures the length, and it has failure display and emergency stop functions. All the operations can be controlled by control panel. Width range: 100 - 900mm.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Raw Material Hot dip galvanized 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and aluminum
Yield Strength (MPa) ≤300
Thickness (mm) 2.0
Coil ID (mm) Φ508±20
Coil OD (mm) ≤Φ1200
Coil Weight (ton) ≤5
Working Speed (meters/minute) 3-meter final plate with all holes: 6 3-meter final plate without hole: 30
Length Tolerance (mm) ±2
Power 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Cable Tray Roll Forming Line Working Flow
Decoiling - leveling - feeding - punching - cutting - roll forming - conveying plate to runout table
Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Component List
No. Component Description Remark
1 Decoiler Hydraulic
2 Leveling device 7 rollers
3 Feeding device Servo drive
4 Punching device Press machine Change the moulds when producing aluminum
5 Cutting device
6 Roll former Cantilever
7 Runout table Side-push design
8 Hydraulic system
9 Electrical control section Whole line control
Component Description and Parameter
1. Automatic decoiler
It adopts pneumatic brake device, and it has four striker plates to fix the coil and prevent it from loosening. Motor power: 1.1kW.
2. Leveling device
a. It contains 2 pinch rolls and 5 leveler rolls. The pinch rolls go up and down to adjust the leveling space and leveling angle.
b. It adopts threaded rod for the adjustment of ascending or descending.
c. Scale is equipped on the leveling device to make the lining up of material easier during material feeding.
3. Servo feeding device
It feeds sheet to the punching device and punching holes with high precision.
4. Punching and cutting device
Individual mould frame with multiple punch combination moulds.
5. Roll former
Driven by gear, the cantilever type roll former adjusts plate width and height quickly. One group of rollers can roll form all kinds of cable trays as per client’s profile drawing. Material of roller: Cr12.
6. Runout table (pneumatic side-push design)
The final products will be transported from shearing, and pushed from side direction by the cylinder to runout table.
7. Hydraulic station
a. It has two hydraulic systems designed for decoiling and cutting respectively.
b. It consists of motor oil pump, hydraulic valve, manometer, filter and so on.
c. Hydraulic system with filter. Oil cleanness must be guaranteed at grade 6 - 8.
d. Eaton Vickers hydraulic valve.
8. Electric control section
It is designed with emergency stop device. Users can push the buttons to make the whole line stop when there is an emergency.

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