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This fully automatic 2-wave guardrail roll former can produce 2-wave guardrails as per customer requirements. Our 2-wave guardrail roll forming machine mainly consists of 5-ton decoiler and its base, levelling device, guiding device, servo feeding device, punching device, guardrail roll former, shearing device, runout table, hydraulic system and electric control system.

2-Wave Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Raw material Galvanized steel, hot rolled plate
Yield strength (MPa) 235
Thickness (mm) 2.0 - 4.0
(mm) About 500
Coil ID (mm) Ф508±20
Coil OD (mm) ≤ Ф1300
Coil weight (t) ≤ 5
Forming speed (m/min) About 5
Length tolerance (mm) ±5
Power source 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase (according to customer requirements)

2-Wave Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Working Flow
Material loading → decoiling → levelling → material feeding → punching → roll forming → cutting to length → conveying plates to the runout table

Components of 2-Wave Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
Item Description Quantity Remark
Decoiler Hydraulic decoiler 1 set
Levelling device 5 levelling rollers 1 set
Servo feeding device Driven by servo motor 1 set
Punching device Punching holes 1 set
Loop device 2 pcs
Guide feeding device Vertical guide roller 1 pc
Roll former Separate roller station 1 pc
Cutting device Servo cutting 1 set With one mold
Runout table Automatic runout table 1 pc
Hydraulic system Dedicated system 2 pcs
Electric control section Control the production line 1 pc

Component Description & Parameter

1. Decoiler
Inching operation mode;
Mechanical brake is designed.

2. Levelling device
Maximum working speed: 20m/min

3. Servo feeding device
(1) It feeds sheets to the punching device, which will punch holes with high precision.
(2) Maximum speed: 40m/min
The feeding speed can be adjusted within the speed limit, and different feeding lengths can be set for different groups of materials.

4. Punching device
(1) It features reasonable structure, long working life, and easy to adjust.
(2) Punching speed: 40 times/min.

5. Loop device
Loop device consists of 4 pairs of arc support rolls and support device. Support rolls consist of arc frame and one pair of flexible rollers with chrome plated surface.

6. Roll former
(1) Structure
Number of roller stations: 15
a. Roller station material: QT270.
b. Shaft material: 40Cr with thermal refining heat treatment.
c. Roll former motor power: about 37kW.

(2) Roller material
a. Cr12 (as same as D2 steel) with polished surface finishes.
b. After quenching, the hardness is HRC 58 - 62.

7. Automatic runout table

8. Hydraulic system
(1) It consists of motor oil pump, hydraulic valve, manometer, filter and so on.
(2) The filter helps ensure the oil cleanness reaching grade 6 - 8.

9. Electric control section
(1) Mitsubishi PLC.
(2) Language of PLC system: English.
(3) Omron encoder.

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