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Our C post roll forming machine is used to produce C posts for guardrails as per customer requirements. This C post roll forming line can continuously form steel sheets and automatically cut to length with PLC control and AC (alternating current) frequency conversion.

C Post Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
1. Parameter of Raw Material

Material Thickness (mm) ID (mm) Max. OD(mm) Yield strength (MPa) Max. coil weight (t)
Hot rolled steel 4 Ø508 1200 ≤ 300 5

2. Quality Requirements of Raw Material

Thickness tolerance (mm) tolerance (mm) Steel straightness (mm/m) ID tolerance (mm) Material standard
± 0.07 +0 / -0.2 0.2 ±15 GB

1. Unevenness tolerance of plate surface: ≤ 10% of steel thickness.
2. If the plate has coating, the coating should be consistent with relevant coating inspection standards. No chipping that may affect the quality of plate exists.
3. If the material is galvanized steel, it should be consistent with relevant testing standards of galvanized steel. No chipping that may affect the quality of plate exists.

Working Conditions of C Post Roll Forming Line

Temperature (°C) -10 ~ 35
Voltage 380V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
Total power (kW) About 40
Color Main body Protective cover Moving parts Protective nets
RAL5015 RAL3020 RAL1016 RAL9017
RAL5015 RAL3020 RAL1016 RAL9017
Production capacity (m/min) 15 (punching and cutting time excluded)
Dimensions (L × W × H, m) 25 × 5 × 2
Specification of shipping container (estimate number, the final data should be confirmed two weeks before delivery)
Container 40GP 40OH 40OT 20GP 20OH 20OT
Number 2

C Post Roll Forming Machine Working Flow
Decoiling → levelling → punching → roll forming → cutting→ conveying to the runout table

Component List
No. Item Quantity (set / piece) Remark
1 Decoiler 1
2 Levelling device 1
3 Punching machine 1
4 Roll forming machine 1
5 Roll forming mould 1
6 Shearing machine 1
7 Runout table 1
8 Hydraulic system 1
9 Electric control system 1
10 Spare parts 1
11 Technical instruction 1

Component Description

1. Decoiler: hydraulic expansion and automatic rotation.

2. Levelling device
The levelling roller is made of GCr15 (hardness: HRC58-62) with thermal treatment.

3. Punching device: driven by hydraulic power system.

4. Roll forming machine: column structure and chain transmission.

5. Cutting machine
(1) There is no waste after cutting;
(2) Cutting tolerance: ±2mm.

6. Runout table

7. Hydraulic system

Brand of main components

8. Electric control system

PLC and touch screen
Brand of main components

We can also provide you with the support of following brands: (optional)

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