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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Working Flow
Decoiling → leveling → servo feeding → punching → roll forming → cutting → conveying to the runout table

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Component List
No. Component Quantity
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Leveling device 1 set
3 Loop device 1 set
4 Servo feeding device 1 set
5 Multi-station punching device 1 set
6 Roll former 2 sets
7 Cutting device 1 set
8 Runout table 1 set
9 Hydraulic system 1 set
10 Electric control system 1 set

Door Frame Roll Former Technical Parameter
Raw material Hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel
Thickness (mm) 1.2-1.5
Power source 380V±10%, 50-60Hz (according to buyer’s request)
Roll forming speed (m/min) 30 (cutting time included)

Components Description & Parameter
1. Decoiler
(1) Hydraulic expansion mandrel
(2) Pneumatic brake

2. Leveling device
(1) It is designed with 7 rolls, including 2 feeding rolls and 5 leveling rolls.
(2) The leveling device is driven by motor. Speed is adjustable.

3. Loop device
It adopts optoelectronic switch to control the remaining material.

4. Servo feeding device
It sends the sheet to the multi-station punching device.

5. Multi-station punching device
The multi-station punching device is equipped with 6 sets of punching moulds.

6. Roll Former
14 roller stations are designed for high roll forming efficiency.

7. Electric control system
(1) Mitsubishi PLC controller.
(2) Taiwan Delta frequency inverter.
(3) Omron encoder.

Safety Precautions & Rust Prevention
1. The components are sandblasted before painting.
2. Machine frame is annealing treatment.
3. Every part is applied with antirust oil before shipment.

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